Prospects of CUP

In line with above noted achievements there are considerable prospects with Community, Policy level of the Government and the Developments partners that are expected to result to remarkable achievements in future.

Documentation / materials relating to the issue of Urban Poor are available in the CUP secretariat.

  1. Directory of NGOs working in Dhaka city.
  2. Five years’ strategic plan of CUP
  3. Chronology of slum eviction
  4. Report on Urban Poor’s voting right campaign by CUP
  5. Report on advocacy campaign against slum eviction (Aug 1999) by CUP.
  6. Taskforce reports by CUP.
  7. Hague Appeal for Peace 1999.
  8. Forced evictions and Human Rights by COHRE.
  9. Report on Round Table Conference jointly organized by Daily Star-CUP-BGMEA.
  10. Report on the CUP-ADAB Regional Workshop.
  11. Field-visit report on 32 evicted slums.
  12. A profile of urban development activities of NGOs by CUP and IDPAA.
  13. ACHR and COHRE fact finding statement on slum eviction in 1999-2000.
  14. Implications of eviction on poverty and livelihood of urban slum dwellers.
  15. Position Paper on the urban poverty issues.
  16. Proceedings of the Workshop on Urban Poverty.
  17. Report on Dialogue on Urban Poverty Issues.
  18. Lack of education facilities for urban children and prospects for solution.
  19. Report on Base line Survey for WATSAN program development- 2005.
  20. Module for Hygiene Promotion Training to the Slum Dwellers.