Interventions Interventions of CUP

Policy Advocacy:

Advocate for ensuring the rights of urban Poor on shelter for the urban poor like slum dwellers, pavement dwellers/homeless people with the policy makers & other stakeholders regards to formulate/amend/adopt necessary principal national policy documents & laws as in the Law of the land and in the national policy document provision of basic services for the urban poor. Mobilize media for raising urban poor rights issues Keenly working with Bangladesh Urban Forum on urban policy Actively represent CUP in different national & international policy forum & development agencies.

Civic amenities: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene To support environmental sanitation facilities to the urban poor areas Creating health & hygiene education & awareness.

Research , publication and documentation:

Engaged in research, publication & documentation to build up information centre with relevant information under this cell and also develop and prepare reports, documentary films and TV spot on homeless urban poor (Slum & Pavement dwellers) for wider awareness.

Capacity Building:

Institutionalize CUP and enhance the capacity of member NGOs for influencing the government to adopt policies for ensuring the civic rights of the slum and pavement dwellers. CUP is engaged to capacity building of CBOs for building institutional and networking capacity.

Coordination & Network:

Coordinate and collaboration with member organizations and other relevant national & international organizations/network, forums stakeholders for ensuring accessibility in all the civic amenities of urban poor and reducing duplication. CUP also coordinates with government for pro-poor policy formulation and program implementation. Linkage Development & Resource Mobilization: Sensitize the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) and civil society organizations about the issue of urban settlement the condition of squatters and their rights is the prime objective of this unit.