Advocacy for Urban Poor

Empowering Urban Poor

By providing resources, training, and opportunities for leadership development, CUP empowers the extreme urban poor to take charge of their lives and their communities. This fosters self-reliance, resilience, and a sense of ownership in their own well-being and future.

Local & Policy Advocacy

CUP champions the needs of the extreme urban poor by advocating for improved services at the local and policy levels. This involves lobbying for increased government funding, influencing service delivery mechanisms, and raising awareness of critical issues affecting the community that directly address their needs and challenges.

Coordination and Referral

CUP acts as a bridge, coordinating with various service providers and establishing referral linkages. This ensures the extreme urban poor receive the support they need, connecting them with relevant services like healthcare, education, or skills training.

Leadership Capacity Building

CUP empowers individuals and communities by investing in leadership development programs. This equips the extreme urban poor with the skills and confidence to advocate for themselves, represent their needs, and become active participants in their communities’ development.

CBO Network Formation

CUP facilitates the formation of Community Based Organizations (CBO) networks and federations. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective advocacy amongst the extreme urban poor, strengthening their voice and impact.

Amplifying Voices for Change

CUP facilitates and amplifies the voices of the extreme urban poor, ensuring their needs, concerns, and aspirations are heard and addressed by policymakers and relevant stakeholders.